just received the news that…

by dishpantheism

just received the news that my exboyfriend has passed away after a battle with a rare form of cancer. disbelief.

he was soft-spoken and kind. a consummate record nerd. given to spontaneous displays of goofy affection. impulsive on one side and methodical on the other. reserved but wickedly funny underneath. he took a long while to achieve some happiness in this world. finally found someone to love. but too briefly. life is really fucking unfair.

the first time that i met him was at a party in a ramshackle victorian house by the creek. he rented it with several other guys one of whom was a good friend of mine. records were being spun. he put on the mummies and danced comically across the room to where i was sitting in a corner with a book. he tried to pick up on me. i turned him down. but i secretly thought his antics were dorkily charming. so. we ended up dating. it didn't last but we remained good friends.

rest in peace, mr. w.