chipped my tooth. now i…

by dishpantheism

chipped my tooth. now i have a snaggletooth. i would like it if it had occurred in a more decorative location. but it's in the bottom row and not very noticeable to anyone but me. that is because it is rough and i can feel it with my tongue. try as i might i can't seem to see my own teeth without the aid of a mirror.

i sent away information about myself. some people who wield a considerable amount of power will now decide my future. i should be nervous or something. but no. i'm simply resigned. i don't have ants in my pants or butterflies in my stomach. i'm just meh. meh.

it was bitter cold last night. i slept very well though. left my window ajar a tiny bit. i can't sleep in a stuffy room. i had frightful dreams right before waking up. thankfully i don't really remember the meat of them.

yesterday i stood in the yard and plucked hips from the antique rose. quartered flowers on that one. when they bloom they smell amazingly good. their hips however are not tasty. full of seed and fuzz and acidulated flesh. they're also mealy. not a texture i support. my pomegranate is loaded with fruit. i cracked one open and dined on the tiny sour-sweet fruitlets. a bunch of finches landed in the uppermost branches of the pomegranate tree and made a fuss. i didn't share with them.

wellidy. i haven't much news. i'm feeling very hermit-y of late. maybe it's the weather. maybe it's my lack of certainty about so many things. probably an accumulation of forces.