went for a walk today…

by dishpantheism

went for a walk today with sister. we smelled plum blossoms. that's because the plum trees are blooming. in NOVEMBER. it made us both queasy. we had seen another plum tree in bloom a few weeks back but had considered it an isolated affair. now it's making me feel rather uneasy.

on the corner a bough of persimmon hung low to the ground. beneath it was a patch of dusty miller. the pale waxy orange of the unbletted fruit looked very striking against the silver leaves. the roads have been resurfaced. the soles of my moccasins are coated in tar. at dusk sycamore leaves which had fallen onto the pitch-colored street appeared to be floating on a shadow-y mere. so pretty.

wellidy. i have so much baking to do for "thanks day" as my niece calls it. i go.