wonderful mechanical animals arrived in…

by dishpantheism

wonderful mechanical animals arrived in the mail yesterday. cutting them out and assembling them amuses me no end. there is a hare and a goat and a luverly red squirrel (not unlike the one i saw the other day) sitting on the edge of the desk next to a spray of pink jasmine. the tiny jam jar houses a small sprig of white hydrangea and rose geranium and black coleus. i have been sitting here in the evenings under the circle of light. i've lost count of how many mugs of mulled cider have passed these lips. i have no regrets.

spoke to father. he said half of the giant double-trunked oak was lost in the storm. the upside is he'll have firewood to heat his little cabin next winter. the downside is that when summer comes there will be less shade to cool the cabin. as my father would undoubtedly say that's life in the far west.

the river has subsided some. there's a new sandbar near the bay log. mallards were splashing there all day. twitching their bottoms. bills to the riverbed. a small child in slicker and wellingtons pointed at them excitedly. there's a thatch of willow and nettle and leaves high up the trunks of the river-hemming trees. looks like the dreys of woodrats.

in the dark now i can see the rim of the lamppost's shade. water is arranged in drops along the edge. the lamp itself is obscured in shadows but the beads of water are illuminated. an eerily suspended train of pearls.

wellidy. i must have some supper. adieu.