i saw the most beautiful…

by dishpantheism

i saw the most beautiful red tree squirrel today. it was hopping along just in front of the ivy-covered wall near the cafe. it had a very decomposed black walnut in its mouth. i stopped to watch it and realized several other people had also stopped. so pretty!

i had a very strange day. i did a lot of driving. one of the little towns i drove through really reminded me of driving through coastal parts of maine. an austere white steeple surrounded by blazing maples. little cafes. littler houses with smoke rising from the chimneys. people strolling about in greatcoats and watch caps. then i had a sort of wrestling match with a very obstinate parking permit dispenser. it won. but i did swear at it rather a lot before the end. so. i derived some comfort there.

finished the hearing trumpet. began who was changed and who was dead. i adore barbara comyns.

i think i was chatted up today by the guy i always see at the cafe. sometimes i am so completely oblivious to these things. i thought about it afterward but i still can't decide if he was coming on to me or trying very hard to sell me something. perhaps i'm making a distinction where one doesn't exist. hmm.

tomorrow i must rise before the sun and try to accomplish then what i could not accomplish this morning. fingers crossed.