found a few good books…

by dishpantheism

found a few good books downtown today. i found them at the other bookshop. i don't usually frequent that one because it's mostly new books. but i popped in there today because i was wandering around town and looking for trouble without success. book browsing was my second choice. picked up another barbara comyns. yays! also herta muller's* the land of green plums and an out-of-print levertov. huzzah!

found that my sage seedlings have been destroyed by feline night raid. i'll have the last laugh though when i bivouac at the foot of the bed and launch a counterattack one night. they'll never suspect a thing. fortunately they're also entirely illiterate so i can reveal my plans here without blowing my cover. mcmullen: 1 felines: 0.

my duvet and assorted bedclothes are newly laundered. i have a stack of new reading material. the only thing that would make this evening better would be something snackulent. a dish of marcona almonds or a hazelnut macaron and a cup of tea would do the trick.

wellidy. as i can think of nothing else worth boring you with i will say good night. and so.

*please forgive the lack of diacritical mark. i am too lazy to search up an umlaut. you'll live.