potted up bulbs this afternoon…

by dishpantheism

potted up bulbs this afternoon. have to bear spring in mind when autumn comes on. the bulbs will sleep through a chill and then wake up when the weather turns warm and damp. the little mossy clay pots are full of ‘thalia‘ narcissus and iris danfordiae. hyacinths are in the icebox. bulbs of iris reticulata and ‘firefly‘ crocus will join those soon. white freesia and paperwhites are in brown paper sacking waiting for november to roll around. i unearthed a copper specimen stake in the heap of compost. father gifted me with a book on the genus paeonia. i helped my wee mama pick out pots of lavender. sister made me waffles with jam and we talked about antique lilies.

when i was small i had very severe earaches. i used to wake up crying because it felt like i was being stabbed in the ear with an icepick. my gran would lift me up and carry me to her rocking chair and rock me in the dark. she was quite religious. pentecostal. she’d speak in tongues and rock me until i was mesmerized. then i’d sleep. similarly when i had a loose tooth that needed pulling she’d tie a thread to it and bop me on top of the head whilst she yarded my tooth from its mooring. her medicine was of the distractionary sort. is distractionary a word? no matter. it is now. i say it is. i was thinking of her medicine tonight. i don’t have her charismatic beliefs nor her trance-inducing glossolalia. but i think i’ve inherited her well of calm. if it were a reservoir that could be moved by transpiration and storm i’d be sending anvil clouds to one who needs them. alas. doesn’t work that way.

wellidy. tomorrow the train takes me back to the land of banana slugs.