went for a drive on…

by dishpantheism

went for a drive on the backroads with v—. picked a posy of aster and snowberry and yarrow. so pretty. along the road at the end of a huge lemon gum arcade there was a giant metal statue of a skelington holding an automatic weapon. a real weapon. whoever created the skelington was a talented welder. i was impressed.

i've found a new cafe to haunt. this one is much better than the other. it isn't as beautiful and doesn't have a garden but it does have a very friendly owner. that counts for a lot. i've been hanging out for well over an hour and haven't received a dirty look. in fact when i asked if the cafe had wifi the owner said "yes! have a seat. stay as long as you like. look at all the porn you want!" to which i replied "great! you'll find me over there then!" and gestured at a nearby sofa. then we both chuckled. the cafe i usually frequent recently taped up all of their outlets to discourage patrons from hanging around and internetting for hours. i spent a lot of time there doing just that. but also spending money on coffee. i guess they don't need the cash. no skin off my nose.

across the street yellow leaves are falling in drifts from the black walnut tree every time the wind blows. it's really lovely. the sky is full of dark clouds. the wind is cold. i love this weather. it makes me wish i had a cozy garret to return home to. maybe one that looked like this:


but with a potbellied stove surrounded by a brass fender. or maybe a fireplace with andirons in the shape of fanciful and frightening animals. yes please.

okee dokee. i go.