terrifying encounter with a car…

by dishpantheism

terrifying encounter with a car just now in the same intersection where a man was killed yesterday. my heart is in my throat still. the homeless guys who saw a car nearly plow into me informed me that after a certain hour the intersection lights go through two cycles before letting pedestrians cross. i saw the light turn for me to cross and stepped off the curb just in time to see the light change rapidly to green for oncoming traffic. since it's a major highway the car was going really fast and didn't even slow. just blew its horn as i jumped back onto the curb. really scary. the nearest footbridge takes one through an even scarier vagrant encampment though. options are limited. death by hobo shiv or death by ineffectual traffic signals. also one of the crosswalks near my house is obscured by shrubbery. when cars come into the intersection and they're making a right turn if they have a red light oftentimes they don't even slow down. drivers don't see people standing on the corner waiting to cross. the same girl has almost run me over twice as she sped through a red light to make a right hand turn even though i had a green walk sign! 

in happier news…
saw a siamese cat disappear into the darkness. just a flash of eyes and then the dark stripe of its back as it slunk between fence slats. so pretty. picked a bit of king's clover. the scent is lovely and calming. reminds me of drinking cups of hot coffee early in the morning doing my math homework beneath an olive tree. the box elder leaves and locust leaves are already changing color! so beautiful. as i walked downtown this evening the moon was rising. the sky was silver-grey and pale violet with tufts of cloud. locust leaves carpeted the sidewalk. bright golden yellow. 
soon i'll have wheels. it's been years since i've had a working automobile. i'm quite excited! i do so love to walk but it is impractical for getting about in some instances. also hauling my groceries home will be so much easier. hooray! ideally i'd take a train everywhere i wanted to go. but i don't think the world is ready for personal train travel. somehow i doubt it will ever be ready. 
wellidy. adieu.