so far the day goes…

by dishpantheism

so far the day goes well. i made buckwheat pancakes with flax meal and blueberries and cinnamon. sat looking out over the river. tended my etsy. my pixie boots were chosen for a treasury! hooray! and i sold something. hooray again! i must do some hideous and tedious paperwork now. i suppose everything can't be sunshine and lollies. 

so. i'm listening to parrenin, fromont and lefebvre. i have three tracks from chateau dans les nuages. i want that album so very badly. i've been searching for it for ages. i found several hardcopies for sale online but i don't have a turntable. the three tracks i have from the album were ones some kind music blogger ripped and posted. but i've had no luck finding a rar or zip of the entire album anywhere. i even posted on the requests page of time has told me. but no luck. wargh. if you're reading this and you have a hard copy of this album please oh please rip and post it. or if you are the owner of a record label for goodness' sake reissue this! pretty pretty please.
here. have a listen to my favorite track of the three.
Berceuse pour Rosemary
alrighty. now for the ugly paperwork.