today i took a lovely…

by dishpantheism

today i took a lovely walk down along the river. it made me so happy to find wild rose blooming there! some of the roses had set fruit. so bright and red. oenothera and jupiter's beard and sweet scabious are all blooming there too. ducks turned themselves wrong side up in quiet little coves. at the end of the footpath i stopped a little old lady to ask if i was heading toward water st. she acted very surprised and said "oh dear! you are sure taking the long way! i hope you like to walk!" and i said " i very much do!" she laughed and said she was delighted and that she likes to walk too. it was pretty adorable. though her hair and general appearance did make her look as though she might live in a gingerbread shack and push me into an oven if i wasn't careful. i walked on. in front of the tailor's shop a drunken blind man who was dressed like an elegant chimney sweep (complete with beaver top hat and shabby swallow-tail coat) talked to a man with a ukulele strapped to his back. jasmine and nasturtium hung like huge bunting from old houses with spidery corbels. at the end of the line i sat in a parlor and talked to three very delightful people and one delightful cat by the name of linus. i hope i will hear from those folks again.

tomorrow it is imperative that i buy shoes! ye gods! my feet were quite sore when i got home. i only brought sandals with me and for long distance treks they will not do. i walked about four miles today. that's really not a lot for me because i walk everywhere. but it felt like a lot because my hooves got so tender.
i picked a sprig of jasmine whilst i was out. it's now sitting on my featherbed next to my head. it smells so very good. 
wellidy. g'night.