it was ungodly hot today…

by dishpantheism

it was ungodly hot today. this is what the local weather report says: Mountain temperatures are expected to be in the 90s to 110 again on Sunday. it was 91 indoors today and 107 outside. and cloudy. really rather unbearable. there's no air conditioning at chez mary.

this evening i went for a walk with my niece and my wee mother. the latter is recovering from a knee replacement and now getting along at quite a good clip. my niece was holding one of my hands and one of my mother's. she kept asking me questions. i pointed out some bats flying above us and she was very excited. when we neared the place where the mirabelles grow she asked what the noise was that she could hear. i told her it was the sound of crickets. she asked how they make such a sound and i said that the male crickets rub their wings together. she corrected me by saying that crickets must surely rub their hands together and not their wings as i thought. she also said it must be baby crickets calling for their mothers because they're hungry. i conceded because i thought it was funny. she also said she wanted to name the feral black cat "jodi's girl" which seemed an odd name. but there's just no arguing with her i suppose.
later we had a conversation which went like this.
niece: aunt mary! grandma! look it's a falling star!
me: no. that's an airplane. see how it blinks! 
niece: i want to ride in an airplane.
me: you've ridden in one. don't you remember silly?
niece: oh yeah. it was a chinese airplane.
me: yes.
niece: i fell asleep and i had a dream. do you know what i dreamed?
me: no. what did you dream?
niece: well. i dreamed about a vulture with one big red eye! i'm not lying! 
me: how scary! 
niece: yes. (mimes biting her nails) it was scary! and the vulture had teeth! and the teeth were full of poison!
me: it had poison teeth?! like venom?
niece: yes! like that. and it was huge! it was 18 feet tall and its name was anee-anda! and it wanted to suck my blood because it was also a vampire! 
me: oh my goodness!
niece: yes. but please don't tell anyone. 
me: okay.
earlier she said quite out of the blue that one day we would all be skeletons. she talked at great length about how nobody escapes this fate. it was quite philosophical and also rather morbid for a child of 4. but it was amusing. she said she thought even god would succumb. she said "up in the sky there will be a god skeleton. and when you're a skeleton you don't do anything. and you don't need to eat." what a relief says i. but i think i'd like to enjoy my corporeality for a while longer. it's just too nice.
tomorrow is northerly sojourn. i do hope things are cooler up that way. i am excited and scared simultaneously. i think this is supposed to be the best sort of excitement. or at least the most fruitful in the end. i feel half made of butterflies though. i must thank the kindness of friends in far away places for making this possible. paw squeezes to them. and a number of hugs as well. 
wellidy. must to sleep soon.