i’ve just arrived home from…

by dishpantheism

i've just arrived home from a lovely visit with my friend b—. she works as a police dispatcher so she keeps odd hours. i am often awake until the wee hours too. she regaled me with interesting tales. her line of work seems to supply an endless stream of those. some of them horrific. others very touching. i was excited to learn she and her husband have been spending time with a friend who is a native nahuatl speaker. it's a language i'd like to learn more about. yay!

on the drive home the sky was just beginning to lighten in the east. in the pastures the horned roan cattle were sleeping on their knees. now they are awake and lowing. in the driveway i could smell the blooming albizia. so good. the sky is turning shades of pink and amber. the hummingbirds are already fighting each other. the crows are noisily breakfasting too. i had better sleep in these few hours before the heat of the day becomes too stifling to bear.