father came and nabbed me…

by dishpantheism

father came and nabbed me this afternoon. he had a hankering to steal plums and he'd provide the ladder. fair enough. the plums are not as sweet/tart as the mirabelles. sadly there are few mirabelles now because pg&e came and cut back the thicket the other day. of course they couldn't wait another two weeks so that i could gobble them up. i will make due with the stolen plums from today. they are yellow with a red blush. sweet and a bit tart but not very plum-y. they'll make decent jam and maybe a plum sorbet if i'm feeling very ambitious in the next few days. which is doubtful. 

it was good to see father at any rate. after we had done with plum picking we were sitting in his van in the shade of the willow tree. we got on the topic of television for some reason. father said he could remember before there was television and wasn't that a feat. he told me that the first image he'd seen was on ham television when he was a boy in the bay area. an image of president lincoln sent from berkeley to richmond. everyone watched in awe. then he said he remembered great crowds of people standing around shop windows watching some of the first broadcasts with rapt attention even though they were just test patterns. later when his family moved back here to our homestead there was no electricity. then father went off to the service. when he returned electricity had finally made its way up the canyon. my grandmother bought a television but there wasn't any signal. my father scaled the mountainside to lay an antenna and the canyon people could marvel over modern conveniences. it sort of blows my mind that i'm laying in bed to type this and in a moment people all over the globe could conceivably read it. amazing.
working on a dress. grey silk chiffon. girlier than anything i normally wear. i'm going to cut out the pieces tonight and bring them along up north. i won't bring my singer because its cast iron body makes it an inferior traveling companion. i'll bring a thimble and needle. much more sensible. the fabric i'm working with is closer to blue-grey than the silvery cloud grey i had wanted. but it's still lovely. hopefully i don't look like an overgrown sallow doll in the resulting frock. fingers crossed.
going to read some now. so. i'll bid you adieu.