i’ve returned. i’ve lifted the…

by dishpantheism

i've returned. i've lifted the sign from the window's ledge. where are my macarons? well. i never.

had a crazy few days. took my very thin social skin from the peg in the wardrobe. wore it to a party and around the city. it's beginning to pill and it's altogether awkward. still. met some nice people. compared hands in flesh as opposed to paper. found the evidence of leafcutter bees. (nocciola and caramel salato) gelato! consumed waffles in excellent company. walked past old cemeteries and through bay laurel woods with a wonderful guide. was given a moth wing. (horse)chestnuts in blossom. bachelor's buttons. quaking grass. walked off the end of visible bridge. didn't fall. but broke my heart somehow. maybe it's the source of buoyancy. listened to the wind whistle down the chimney. the cat's weight made the floorboards creak as he circled my bed in the dark. on the train home my phone died. out the window i watched the grass move in waves. nestled down under reboso and headphones. slept with my head against the glass.
wellidy. i am sleepy to a very unpleasant degree. requires quick action in the form of walking.