today was a crazy day…

by dishpantheism

today was a crazy day. it's too much to write here. but i'll mention the lovely walk i just took. i picked unripe walnuts for the purposes of making nocino and pickled walnuts. later this evening i'll make brine for the latter and a maceration of rinds and spices for the former. weeeee!

on saturday v— and i drove to santa cruz. the drive up highway 1 is simultaneously scary and breathtakingly beautiful. on the way we stopped and ate delicious food. there were amazing views but no safe place to pull over in order to take photos. drat. i did take a couple of snaps at lunch. i will post those. made it to santa cruz. met a kind person. was shouted at by squatters. bought a few janet frame novels and one barbara comyns at the bookshop downtown. yay! 
wellidy. i must go and prepare myself for northerly excursion #2.