days and days…

by dishpantheism

things have happened since i last wrote here. but of course you knew that. time doesn't stand still for me in the intervals. 

the other day father visited. i had bought him a bag of dried apricots. we both love those. i handed the bag to him and he immediately flipped it over to see where they had originated. it's a habit of my father's that is so familiar that i rarely think on it. he smiled smugly and tapped at the label. turkey. i was a little nonplussed. california has something like 17,000 acres planted with apricots. it seems odd that we'd import them. i said "if these are turkish where are all of the california apricots?" my father shrugged and gave me another smile. "oh right. in turkey." it was very dorky but we both laughed. and then i said that it must be some form of international gesture of goodwill. the exchanging of apricots. somehow i don't think that that's actually the case. 
yesterday whilst watering the strawberries and mint i came upon some things lola dog had unearthed in her furtive diggings. there was an adorable antique glass bottle. very wee. fox's clam tea. there's even a little fox on a branch embossed in the glass. there was also a bright blue piece of pyrex bowl and the handle of a doll's cream jug. needless to say i did not salvage those. but the fox bottle is now holding a rose (the prince) from my garden. the house that i live in once belonged to my grandparents and before them to an even poorer family who used the back yard as a midden. so. it's like an archeological dig every time i turn over the soil. i've found a lot of interesting things over the years. skeleton keys among them.
spoke to sister. since she is going to have a lot of extra space i am going to let her babysit my dux chairs. i think they'll look nice in her lovely new place. and i won't have to worry about them being knocked about by the comings and goings of a passel of children. 
this morning i had some rather important matters to take care of but i failed in the doing of them. nothing i could do about that. just the way things played out. but it put me in a bit of a mood. i've recovered now though. cheerier. 
the color of the day was yellow. i donned my favorite yellow striped cardigan and went about my business. by midmorning i was walking past a bean field ringed in blooming chamomile. then i stopped to smell some matilija poppies (odor of apricots!) and saint john's wort. inside a little shop i bought a wooden spool of golden yellow thread. a book with a fox with yellow eyes. later as i sat in a sort of grotto formed by firethorn i watched a pair of linnets (house finches) make a nest just above my head. it was only about 7' above the ground so i had a good look. very pretty. i shared my lemon bun with them.
i picked up some very cool things which i will be listing in my etsy shop. i was going to write all about them here but i think i'll just let the items speak for themselves. i might augment this post with some pictures though. dunno.