i had a wonderful evening…

by dishpantheism

i had a wonderful evening visiting with sister. i hope she throws a housewarming party. even if it is a party of smallest proportions (esp if it is so). i have some things which i might gift to her for the purposes of warming house. anyway. tonight we had a cup of cheer (see: irish coffee) and watched a horror movie. quite enjoyable. and she cleaned out her closet! hooray! and she lent me shoes. the most beautiful shoes. oh my. observe.

i am not one for heels because i am far too clumsy to enjoy wearing them. but these don't make me feel as though i'll topple at any moment. and the color is so luverly. bittersweet. 
the garden is full of strawberries. pleased. tomorrow i may try to make shortcake. 
wellidy. i think i shall go and try to work on my short story.