my new ipod dock is…

by dishpantheism

my new ipod dock is busted already. i don't understand it. it just up and died. so sad. :(

the weather was really unpleasant today until about an hour ago when the breeze picked up. cool. i went for a walk. thunderheads far away on the horizon. the sun was low in the sky. the light was very golden. so purty. went to the mirabelles. they're coming along nicely. where they grow there are huge elms and a few butternuts or pecan trees. the light under them was green. i wanted to crawl into them and stay for a spell. but the people who live on the edge of the little wood would probably not have liked that. darn them.
ate a few more strawberries from the garden. looked at vintage dresses online. i'm going to bake some raspberry turnovers in a bit i think. ho-hum.
wellidy. here's a sweet suite.