my friend sent me pictures…

by dishpantheism

my friend sent me pictures of her camping weekend. i want that right now. i think tomorrow evening i'm going to do something equivalent. remove myself from the interwebs for a spell. and then as soon as i can wean these bloodsucking yet adorable feline charges i'll actually set out into the woods. i haven't done that in ages. i want to fall asleep on the duff of bay laurel and bracken fern and wake up with the sun. and get ticks. and sunburn my nose. and sit by a crackling fire until my hair reeks of smoke. and drink coffee full of bits and ash. and piss in a hole in the earth. and brush my teeth with a twig. all of those things which either make you loathe your own company or like yourself a whole lot better. or at least that's how it goes for me.

i've been looking for grey silk fabric for a dress i'm working on. crepe de chine is nice. but i think chiffon is called for. the sheerer the better. so far i'm not having any luck locating the color i want. i may have to dye it. i deconstructed a vintage dress a long while ago. i used it as a pattern and made a dress of muslin. but i felt like an overgrown doll in that frock. so. trying again. i think the results will be better.
collected strawberries from the garden. a handful. they were intensely sweet. sun-warmed. sucked the honeysuckle. 
wellidy. ipod time.