went for a walk last…

by dishpantheism

went for a walk last night. foxgloves and peonies are blooming. the peonies have huge blowzy white heads. i want to pick them. privet is blooming too. smells so sweet. i picked an armload of privet blossom and brought it home.

helped my father chop and buck and rick wood today. it was tiring but also wonderful. the wood was mostly pine. not the best firewood but it is good kindling. the resin smelled amazing. and the floor of the woods was covered in fallen oak moss. the day was pleasantly warm and the odor of the oak moss was strong. love it. the noise of the saw lingered in my jaw for a long time. in my ribs too.
the kittens are bossy. they demand so much attention. but they are also terribly cute. thankfully they have finally gone to sleep. i am covered in claw marks and scratches. the evidence of their affections. little beasts.
i want cherries. very badly. i think i will need to visit the grocery store as i don't think i can wait for the farmers' market to roll around. i wish i could use the powers of my mind to make them appear in front of me NOW. but somehow this course seems dubious at best.
i wrote an almost story the other day. a vignette really. this is significant. i have had the most wicked writer's block for a very long time. so. you can imagine how pleased i am. i hope the trend continues. 
wellidy. i think i shall try and sleep now. so much to do after sunrise.