a feral cat deposited her…

by dishpantheism

a feral cat deposited her litter in the tangle of madder under the pine tree. i fished them out this afternoon. they're the perfect age to take away from their mother. they still need to be bottle fed but they aren't old enough to be truly feral yet themselves or to inflict injury upon me. i've raised countless litters this same way and found them homes. my town seems to have a significant feral cat population. these fellows are so very cute. two black and two grey.

spent some time with my father this afternoon. went to the polls. picked radishes from my garden. the first radish was tasty but the following two were ungodly spicy. picked artichokes too. had one for supper. so good. 
and now i go to do some reading and (hopefully) some writing. i love breaking in a new journal. especially when it involves new rollerball or fountain pens. today it's new rollerballs. whoot!