can’t sleep. too hot. i’m…

by dishpantheism

can't sleep. too hot. i'm eating a yogurt popsicle. so good. i brought home some popsicle molds and a big carton of my favorite lemon yogurt. best idea i've had in ages. now i can eat popsicles for breakfast without feeling terribly guilty afterward. hooray. apparently i can also eat them in the wee hours of the morning without feeling terribly guilty. fage might make good popsicles too. but i would feel guilty about eating those at all hours. especially when i could no longer fit through the kitchen door.

last night i opened the front door to give the cats a bite to eat. doing so caused a family of lurking raccoons to scurry across the yard. one climbed the tree and peered down at me. it was so very cute. another perched on the fence and looked over its rumpy behind toward me. how i love them. those masks kill me.
oh! speaking of raccoons. have you seen this?
thanks to sister for leading me to this gaze of albinos. 
must try to sleep now.