we’re in the clutches of…

by dishpantheism

we're in the clutches of a heat wave. i've been subsisting on lemon ices and chickpea salad with olives. during the day it is mostly too hot to eat. so. i eat before the sun comes up or after it goes down. well. with the exception of the aforementioned lemon ices. those i consume all day. 

the roses in the alleys are all blooming. the heat curls the edges of the petals. darkens them. makes them brittle. my yellow rose is still going strong. but it won't be long before it begins to fade. the locust trees have already finished blooming. the honeysuckle is smothered in blossoms. around the corner star jasmine is flowering too. smells so very good. a nicotiana sylvestris sprouted below my window. a volunteer seedling. it will be ready to bloom any day now. i'm looking forward to it. i've been sleeping with the window wide open and the duvet hulking at the foot of the bed like some kind of summer-scorned yeti. when the nicotiana blooms i'll be able to smell it quite readily. yay.
i drove sister to the train station the other morning. we got up before dawn as she was taking the early train and we wanted to stop and get coffee. we stopped at black horse and procured coffee and croissants. i drove us to the station and we ate in the car and chatted. the drive home was a lovely one. the sun was just coming up. everything was green and gold. elderberries are blooming like mad on the hillsides. so too the sticky bush monkey-flower. the angle of the sun made everything glow. so pretty.
i've been trying to organize my vintage fabrics. i have boxes and boxes of textiles which have been passed down from my great-great-grandmother and co. my great-grandmother was a lacemaker until she went blind. she created so many beautiful things. i also have a problem controlling myself when i a-spy vintage or antique textiles at rummage sales and the like. so. i have a lot of fabric and not a lot of space. i'm considering putting some of my material in my etsy shop. but not the family stuff. just the things i've picked up here and there. 
glad to see that the saipua intern has been chosen. she seems quite nifty! i want her to be my friend. i totally would have put in for that gig if i lived in brooklyn. i used to have quite a strong desire to live there but i think it has waned some these last few years. a little sad actually. but i still wish to visit sometime. is it wrong that one of my main reasons for wanting to go there is to glean old bottles from dead horse bay? ever since a certain mr. b alerted me of its existence i have wanted to risk life and limb to reclaim glass from the reeking sea. ticks be damned!
wellidy. i must away.