i’ve just struck and killed…

by dishpantheism

i've just struck and killed a possum with the car. makes me feel awful. i love opossums. i didn't see the poor thing because her face was pointed away from me. her eyes didn't reflect the headlights until she turned toward me at the last moment. there was a sickening thud when i hit her. when i got to a safe place in the road i turned around and drove back to see if she was still alive. but no. she was quite dead. laying on her side. her eyes were wide open when i came upon her the second time. luminescent blue-green. i saw her from quite a distance then. thankfully my first reaction to an animal in the road is to take my foot off of the accelerator and brace my arms and slowly apply the brake. i have been thoroughly conditioned not to swerve. said conditioning has saved my skin a number of times.

my wee little mother had surgery today. she now has a new knee. before she went into the o.r. i sat in the pre-op ward and chatted with her. the doctor came and spoke to us. he said, "surely this is your granddaughter!" and motioned to me. my mother replied in the negative. then he turned to me and asked, "how old are you, mary?" and i said, "i'm 33." then he shook his head and said to my mother, "she looks like she's twelve!" i don't know what that exchange signified. i think the doctor was attempting to be charming. but if that was so then he needs more practice. i don't know many 12-year-olds with impending crow's feet. he would have done well to choose something other than a perceived juvenile morphology on which to compliment me. oh well.
i'm enjoying some hard cider as i type this. toasting the life of an unknown marsupial. tchin-tchin.