had the lend of a…

by dishpantheism

had the lend of a car tonight. i drove to sister's and nabbed her so that we could go for a walk near my house. it was a lovely night. honeysuckle is blooming. the moon is bright. the sky is green and the darkness warm.

i love a night drive. tonight i wanted to drive until the sun rose again. an aimless sort of thing. no particular destination. i used to take such drives fairly often when i had a car. i miss it greatly. i didn't really realize how much until this evening. i drove home as slowly as i dared in order to make the trip last. i saw deer and opossums. cats' eyes disappearing into the grass. the moon was risen. hovered over my left hand. so fucking beautiful. i hummed si tu disais and swayed happily. i think a car is in my future. a new bed may have to wait.
here's another perfect song for a night like tonight.
La valse boite
Francoiz Breut w/ Dominique A
well. must get up early. and so.