today was one of those…

by dishpantheism

today was one of those days when i'm grateful for feeling the way i do about money. it's nice when i have it. life isn't so terrible when i don't. this afternoon involved some retail therapy but on the tiniest scale. there's a lovely robin's egg blue enamel dish over in the corner now. in winter it will hold what sister and i refer to as "alsatian dinner." that is something our father's mother would have prepared. charcuterie. 

sister and i found a desiccated crow by the road. the skeleton was whole. a little time and a little h.p.* should make the bones gleam white. i suppose i'm a bit ghoulish. but i love bones and skulls. i've never had an articulated skellington before. i am sort of excited. 
my hair has gradually gotten darker and darker the last few years. it's becoming more and more red too. it was naturally blonde before that. strawberry blonde i guess. i never really liked having light hair. i always wanted red hair. now that i have it i want it to be light again. so. i took steps toward that end today. lightened it. but only a wee bit. i suppose i am never satisfied. fascinating. 
was deviled by the tiniest moth this evening. should i have enjoyed it? i did.
the trick is to stay busy. as busy as possible. it doesn't matter with what. gold star for today.
*hydrogen peroxide. not brown sauce. just thought i'd clarify.