the moonrise was amazing tonight…

by dishpantheism

the moonrise was amazing tonight. sister and i stood on the hill by the church and watched it inch up from the horizon. huge and amber. so pretty. the air smelled sweet like damp hay. it was a lovely walk.

haven't written anything in a while. i'm always hoping the situation will change. i think maybe it will soon. keeping my fingers crossed. even a very short poem would please me.
hoping my trip to the bay area will coincide with the trip of one moonmilker. hoping it also includes a friendly visit in oakland. maybe a walk through the mausoleum again. i dunno. the third hope is to bring back the perfect bedside water carafe. i've been searching for one for about two years. i'd found my dream carafe at doe but it sold out two christmases ago. i suppose it's not a very important quest. but the wee hours often find me insomniac and thirsty. so. maybe it's not such a small thing after all.
hard green drupes are hiding in the branches of the plum trees. i cannot wait for them to ripen. my jaw tingled just looking at them in the dark this evening.
wellidy. the night is warm and i am wide awake. time for the solace of the ipod.