when i lived in iowa…

by dishpantheism

when i lived in iowa city one of the girls who was workshopping with me proposed that we rent a car and drive to blackhawk island to visit the home of lorine niedecker. i so wanted to do it. but it never happened. in a few weeks i might very well be in a position to finally make the trip. i don't know for sure that it will happen but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. in any case it looks as though a road trip is in the works (yay!) followed by a long train ride home. 

my lettuce and frisee are sprouting. i haven't ever had much luck growing lettuce. i can never get the timing right. i should consult the farmers' almanac and all of that jazz. but i don't. and then by the time my lettuce seeds are sprouting the weather warms and the plants bolt. too bitter to be edible. 
v— and i watched the first season of carnivale. the writing was not so hot. but visually i enjoyed it very much. i also loved the oldy timey slang and idioms. so many times when we were watching the show i was reminded of my grandparents. my grandmother frequently used "in a pig's eye" and "hogwash" to express indignation. all of the hymns sung in the church were ones i grew up singing. in a way the show made me nostalgic for an era i didn't live in. listening to my grandparents did the same.
there are wild strawberries ripening outside my window. they're no bigger than my thumbnail and quite round and seedy. i have a feeling there will never be enough of them ripe at once to make any sort of meal of them. story of my life? somehow yes. something like that.
also: today's word is catachresis.
edit: here's more about niedecker