last night i finished the…

by dishpantheism

last night i finished the wonderful comyns book i was given for my birthday. loved it. i was quite sad when i got near the end and read the last ten pages very slowly trying to make it last. after i'd finished i pulled a book from my bedside table. it's an anthology of tales all having to do with kings. i acquired it in elementary school. i'd walked past our school library (a small one room affair) and saw a box of books on the stoop. discards. i was particularly drawn to the cover of the anthology. it's quite simple. cream-colored canvas with the title embossed in black. the plates within were so cool i couldn't believe the book had been discarded. and the stories and poems! e. nesbit. eleanor farjeon. h. c. andersen. the brothers grimm. tennyson. i grabbed that book straight away. it has traveled with me through many moves.

dreamed about arguing at the post office after hours. finally got my mail and then glided most of the way home inches above the ground. it was dark. then as i cut through the parking lot behind the post i came across my elementary school teachers in costume. giant ruffled collars. punch-like. then as i went to the next block the sun rose and i was riding a tiny dog. i passed beneath a spring-flowering tree and noticed an albino dove on a low branch. i put up my arm and the dove flew down and landed on my outstretched hand. it seemed very sickly and thin. the dog kept walking and soon we were under an amazing tree with huge blowzy white blooms tinged with pink. i tried to snap off a twig but kept failing. finally i was able to do it. by the time i reached home we had passed many trees with giant and fantastic blossoms (all in shades of pink) and i'd amassed an obscuring bouquet. my lap was also full of packages i'd picked up from the post. and the dove was still on my left hand. i had a difficult time balancing everything but i was able to. i was pleased with myself.
wellidy. it is incredibly nice weather out. i'm going to check on the alpine strawberries. they're blooming like mad! maybe they've set some fruit too.