yesterday i stood waiting outside…

by dishpantheism

yesterday i stood waiting outside underneath the willow tree. it's a curly willow but its habit is weeping. the new leaves have just come on. it's very pretty. some of the branches weep down to the ground. the sun was on the horizon and shining bright. where the sunlight shone through the leaves they looked goldish-green. suddenly i heard raindrops falling through the branches. the grey cat by my feet made a dash for someplace dry. and all the while the sun was shining brightly on the horizon. then the rain overhead ceased but i discerned a grey veil of rain advancing across the pasture that lay to the north-west. sunlight was filtering through the veil at an angle. it was amazing. i watched the veil grow closer and closer until it was above me. it was pouring buckets. but still the sun was shining on the horizon. lovely.

the window is open right now. the wisteria must be blooming now. i can smell it when the wind is right. 
wellidy. i have chores to do.