it’s raining and i have…

by dishpantheism

it's raining and i have a splitting headache. this is a combination i don't particularly relish. being trapped indoors and unable to read or look at things without my eyes feeling like they are in imminent danger of popping out of their sockets. argh. i do love rain though. i can lie here with my eyes closed and fall asleep listening to it.

i cannot say this was the worst birthday i've ever had but it has come pretty fucking close. i did get some facebook love and some kind words from kind people which was wonderful. i do appreciate that greatly. but i didn't even celebrate with a slice of cake as those who would normally have given me one believed as i did that i'd not be home this evening. so that sort of sucks. but on the upside it's raining. and i do so love rain. 
i had truly strange dreams last night. i won't elaborate just now. perhaps i'll type them up later though. they are worth writing down so strange were they.
anyway. if you were among those sending me kind words on my birthday i thank you so very much. and now to crawl under the duvet and nap.