the black cat drools when…

by dishpantheism

the black cat drools when he sees me. this is because i bottle fed him. his mother was the unapproachable feral cat. i stole the entire litter when the kittens were quite small. i've done this countless times with countless litters. it was the only way to tame the wee little things and get them good homes. we eventually trapped all of the feral mother cats and had them altered. anyway. the black cat is big and fat and still thinks he's a baby. 

the doctor today described my discomfort as "flank pain" which sounded rather poetic somehow. when i read the word flank i instantly see in my mind's eye a horse's wither flinching. i dunno why.
it was such a lovely afternoon. the nectarine tree in the old loading chute lot next to the train rails is blooming. fire-pink. the sky was intensely blue. the willows along the creeks are blooming yellow. in the field by the cemetery which no longer exists the fritillaria are blooming. i wanted very badly to go for a drive. but tomorrow i shall visit the old m— family homestead. that will be drive enough i think.
wellidy. i go.