i was watering my pennyroyal…

by dishpantheism

i was watering my pennyroyal this afternoon and i found a clutch of frog eggs in the saucer under the pot. the water had evaporated but the eggs were still damp. looked like beads of quartz. i scooped them up and put them in my tiny water garden. perhaps they'll hatch. 

in a wee while sister and i will go to the city to celebrate my birthday. it should be fun. i typically don't do much celebrating on my birthday. usually just mark the passing of another year with a slice of cake. the iced cake loomed…a marble grave. 

yesterday i gathered some king's clover. i put a few sprigs under the edge of my pillow. it smells so good. across the room on the bookshelf under the window there's a maidenhair fern. we rescued it from the nursery. it was nearly dead. it is looking much perkier now but the dried fronds give off the odor of sweet hay. i close my eyes and pretend i'm smelling bracken-lined roof thatch. wouldn't that be nice.
wellidy. adieu.