i’ve been working on a…

by dishpantheism

i've been working on a children's book for some time now. it's a skeleton at present. fragments held together very loosely. new characters keep popping into my head and i sketch them out and put them in my scrap heap for later use. probably not all of them will end up in my book. if it is ever published i will use a nom de plume. i don't want to be pigeonholed as someone who is only capable of writing for children. and that's nothing against children's lit. i think it's often undervalued. 

anywho. today i was sitting in the sun and regarding my waterlilies and yerba mansa. they're just unfurling new leaves. red ones. very pretty. i was thinking about one of my book's characters. the drudgerigar. there are actually flocks of them. they only touch the earth when they need to roll in wood ash to rid themselves of bird lice. my daydream produced a new character. a louse called ponder. he's sort of awful and unlikable. but i have developed a fondness for him. maybe i identify with him some. he has his good points too. i don't mean to sound so effing dowie and wae. 
in other news…
the sky was hazy today but only a little. through the curtain it looked hazier than it actually was. i was reminded of riding horses as a child. in the summer the sky would turn an awful galvanized white. especially after a fire. my cousin and i would take our horses to a nearby pasture. we'd usually ride bareback with split reins. i was very small but most of my cousin's horses were tall. i was often given a large skewbald to ride. his name was dan. he was docile but young and strong. a gelding. my cousin rode one of her chestnuts. we'd take turns jumping a downed tree. i was very bad at this but never fell. after a jump i'd often end up near dan's neck. he was very patient about it. though in my defense when given a smallish horse and a saddle i was a fair jumper. i have the strongest urge to go riding right now. i may have to pay my aunt and uncle a visit. 
wellidy. i am bored. i must fix that. drudgerigars abound. i go.