i watched a few episodes…

by dishpantheism

i watched a few episodes of sherlock holmes this evening. it's diverting. in one episode he's on holiday in cornwall. i now want to hole up in a cottage on the cornish coast and eat pasties and drink cider. barring that wales or (my first love) the hebrides will do. after watching s.h. i had visions of my late friend robin's tiny one room cabin in the woods. he was without electricity or other modern conveniences. i could do with that for a while i think. 

i had forgotten that i'd started to embroider some pillowcases i'd bought in mexico. i rediscovered the things as i unpacked a few boxes. i should finish embroidering them. they're rather purty.
going to hang my g-g-gran's pencil portrait on the wall. i don't think there's a stud where i want to hang it. i'll probably have to use a molly bolt as the portrait is in a heavy antique frame. a simple nail will not do.
in the little patch of earth behind the curlicue wire fence seeds are sprouting. gypsophila if i'm not mistaken. lover of chalk. i suspect the snails and earwigs will eat most of the sprouts. but a few will survive. good enough. already there's a tiger lily poking its head out of the earth. and the huckleberry seedlings in the window are outgrowing their bounds. 
i think i'll pretend as though i am without the modern conveniences and keep clear of these interwebs for a bit. dust my squirrel army and whatnot.