highlights of my weekend:1…

by dishpantheism

highlights of my weekend:

1) d— being set upon by lascivious (and super aggressive) older woman when we went out for drinks.
2) going to the zoo with sister and d— and seeing the sloth friskily explore his new home. also watching the giant tortoise grunt and pee himself. i know i shouldn't have laughed. but trust me when i say that you'd have done the same. it was ridiculous. nature is absurd.
3) teasing sister about her new iphone. valin issued this zinger when sister was paying more attention to her phone than to those of us assembled at breakfast: hey you searching for apps? maybe you can find an "interesting friends" app.  then this morning i suggested she see if there were any apse apps because it was the lord's day. because i'm a dork. i also suggested the magic eight ball app. which is highly amusing. well. for about ten seconds.
4) drinking far too much coffee and eating far too much pastry.
5) wandering around downtown whilst being in incredibly delightful company.
6) a giant fire which destroyed a landmark and an institution of my youth. this is a sad highlight but one nonetheless. or maybe a lowlight? dunno. one of my favorite thrift shops burned to the ground this weekend. wah. sob sob. i surmised that the cause of the fire was some awful thomas kincade gewgaw left a-glowing in the front window. well. hideous cottage-y gewgaw coupled with the structure's ancient wiring. here. there's a video. :(
wellidy. g'night.