today was pure awesome. sister…

by dishpantheism

today was pure awesome. sister and valin and i went to a book sale at the vet's hall. it was huge and it was fan-fucking-tastic. most of the books were sold by the inch so we made out like bandits. we also picked up some that were individually priced including…THE SHIP THAT SAILED TO MARS!!!!!!!! i have been wanting this book for ages. i passed up a chance to buy it many years ago and i've been kicking myself ever since. before we entered the book sale i told sister and valin to keep their eyes skinned for this very book. and valin found it! HOORAY! i also scored a webster's unabridged dictionary (ex-library) for $10. it's about 10" thick. it has already supplied me with much diversion. i luuuuurve reference books. and i luuuuuurve dictionaries specifically. i also found a very nice (and huge!) french-english/english-french larousse. yay! a hardback vintage copy of finn family moomin troll also came home with me. a multi-volume goethe (in german…hopefully i can improve my german) with gorgeous fractur-y font is now mine as well.  sister found for me an oldy timey herbal and a victorian guide to rearing children. love those! i also netted an assortment of great children's books and hardcover classics. sister scored a bunch of antique ghost and supernatural books. she adores those. valin found some things to his liking as well. AND we had coffee and strudel. AND we watched a bunch of deadwood whilst eating said strudel. AND there was much mirth and the stupid jokes and nerdly witticisms flew. delightful.

we actually went to the vet's hall once and bought two huge boxes of books and then left and then returned. that's how much awesome there was to be had in that building. we'd arrived in the afternoon so i can only imagine what deals were to be had if we'd arrived when the doors opened. 
my eyes are getting heavy and it's not even late. huh. odd. and since i have rather a lot of books to shelve before sleeping i shall take my leave of you.