i had a lovely time…

by dishpantheism

i had a lovely time with sister today. i picked an armload of jonquils! they smell so very good. i need to remove them from the giant plastic tumbler which is currently housing them and put them in a proper vase. 

having a cup of jasmine tea. listening to intermittent bursts of rain. eating some delicious green and black chocolate. 
i picked five twigs of flowering plum the other night. they are fading. i should go out and gather more. the pink-flowering plums are starting in now. i prefer the white but both are pretty. i discovered some pink crepe paper in a box in my room. i'm tempted to twist bits of it around a pencil end and make plum blossoms. i haven't done that in years. though what i'd do with them after i'd created them i dunno. i'd sort of like to make a crude stop-motion animation of crepe paper blossoms blooming. i'd film the flowers being tugged into the branch and then reverse the sequence to give the appearance of flowering. 
february usually sees the jasmine blooming in slo. i haven't been over that way in quite a while. but pink jasmine is one of my favorite cultivated flowers. and i want some. so. i must go over the hill and look for some. perhaps it has finished blooming by now. i seem to remember it blooming into march. well. we shall see.
i've planted more seeds. collinsia. wild white lupine. ammi majus. wild carrot. abelmoschus manihot. muhly. nicotiana from seed i gathered on the cal campus years ago. bladder cherry. there are others but i can't call them to mind right now. 
wellidy. i shall go.