about an hour ago i…

by dishpantheism

about an hour ago i passed the assistencia. the morning is cool and damp so there are fires burning around the ranch house. a tiny black figure stood outlined against one of the pillars of blue smoke. they're burning up rubbish. small fires now to prevent big ones later. especially since the year has been dry. the summer will probably be rife with fire.

the welsh beekeeper friend of my father had his honey set out early this morning along the road. a weathered wooden collection box sat next to it. tomorrow if it's not raining and if the honey is still there i'll buy some. i wish i had bees of my own. someday i will. and i'll have a goat and fresh goat milk like i did when i was small. and bantams. love those little bossy hens.
even though the year has been dry the creeks are flowing. the water is very clear and very cold-looking. usually at this time of year the water is the color of creamed coffee. and its flow is generally violent. there's a bridge about five miles down the road. in summer the water recedes beneath it until it is almost entirely subterranean. a limestone pool stays full though. and stagnant. large ugly fish swim in its depths. i had my very first kiss from a boy under there. i can't pass over the bridge without thinking about it. how awkward it was mostly but also how nice. how the air smelled like water weeds and algae. and how from my position i could see only taillights above us diminishing in the dark. i nearly lost my earrings because i'd removed them from my ears. i just now realized that the habit of taking them in hand at such moments has stuck. i still do this and have all along. weird.
i'm wearing my favorite cashmere socks. they are grey. i rub my feet together. mmmm. and you are welcome for the update.
wellidy. i have seeds to plant.
good day.