it’s a lovely evening on…

by dishpantheism

it's a lovely evening on many levels. i had a slight disappointment this afternoon but amazingly it didn't ruin the rest of my day. made me a bit frustrated but also more determined to get what i want. i managed to feel productive and turn everything around. yay! and now i'm enjoying the night air. the window is ajar. three hyacinths are shaking out their amazing odor. and i can actually smell them! my smeller has been out of order for the past week or so. sinusitis. but multiple aspirins later things are looking up (smelling up?). thank you modern pharmaceuticals! every time i take an aspirin (which isn't often) i am grateful that i don't have to get my salicylates from willow bark. which tastes horrid. more horrid than having an aspirin touch the tongue. but i'm rambling. i'm also enjoying a tiny cookie and a cup of jasmine tea. nice.

i shelved more books this evening. it's quite a task. i'm making it quite a task. i've been thoroughly dusting each book before shelving it. rather time consuming. but there is something incredibly satisfying about making things tidy. 
since the evening is so nice i think i'll take lola-bean for a stretch. i have the feeling that the mirabelles are blooming like mad now. i've noticed almonds and plums blooming all over the place. and even my neighbor's peach tree is blooming! after i finish this tea i'll walk to my favorite streetlamp. in the dark beyond the range of lamplight the plum boughs will cast their own glow. the light of otherworldly torches. the white horse will sleep on its feet. the black rabbit will dash from the ditch and startle me. i'll acknowledge with a nod the man with the speckled dog. the sprinklers will come on in the park lawn. i'll turn my tracks and the ellipsising bats will make the hair stand on my nape. or at least this is what i suspect will happen. but one never knows.