planted some things today. muguet…

by dishpantheism

planted some things today. muguet. tiger lilies. violas. stock. i unraveled the little antique wire fence and pushed its tines into the soil. it is simultaneously ugly and beautiful. there's a silly term for that but i'm just not going to use it. so there. anyway. the fence came from the house down the street. when i was growing up an old woman lived in the house. she was curmudgeonly and aloof and had a very green thumb as evidenced by the garden which she tended in the strip between her front door and the street. the little wire fence bordered a portion of her flowerbed. when this old woman grew so old as to be unable to care for herself my aunt provided some assistance to her (which is eventually how i came by the fence). the old woman had no children. she did have a name however. it was violet. i didn't realize until i was quite grown that the woman's name had been violet because for the entire length of our acquaintance everyone i'd ever heard address her did so as "vieweeda." her name in fact was violet wheeda or something similar. everyone truncated and slurred her christian and surname into one. this tale is growing shaggy. so. i'll just say that today while i pushed the wire fence's tines into the soil i thought of vie wheeda and had an eerie glimpse into my future as the resident green-thumbed curmudgeon. it only slightly offended my sensibilities. that is when it wasn't making me cripplingly lonely. i jest. sort of.

i'm reading a good book. several actually. the rest are in the sidebar. have a gander. —->
roots are filling the bulb glasses. yay! i lifted off their hats this afternoon in order to have a squint. they're looking good.
the celluloid silhouettes are under their domes. and as i typed that line the word "chouette" popped into my head. i'd like a chouette silhouette. i guess i'll have to make one from paper.
a brass pocket compass is by my elbow. the latch is fickle. why i bother having a compass i just don't know. the sun is there every day to orient me. and the stars at night. but neither of those can i put in my pocket i suppose.
wellidy. i must get up early-ish. so i'll say good night.