in the little windowsill tray…

by dishpantheism

in the little windowsill tray tomatoes and huckleberries are sprouting. the currant tomatoes are already about an inch high. the vines will grow very tall and produce hundreds of sweet-tart red and yellow fruit. at the end of summer i will dry some of them. the tiny fruits will shrivel to the size of raisins. then some winter day i will grind them with olive oil and eat them on toast.

i'm drafting a pattern based on a tiny vintage carnival toy. a wee rabbit. i've ordered felt in various (beautiful!) colors. woolen felt. i think the resulting creatures will be quite cute. i was thinking of making small easter baskets for my etsy. i'm not religious but i've always liked easter*. one year it fell on my birthday when i was small. my mother bought fabric and notions and gave them to my grandmother and she sewed a surprise for my sister and me. we woke up on easter morning and found two little baskets-cum-beds (one green and one lilac) with a toy rabbit sleeping in each. my gran had stitched up duvets and pillows for the bunnies. it's one of my favorite memories from that time. anyway. i like easter baskets because they are typically filled with an assortment of tiny interesting gifts. those are my favorite sorts of gifts to give and to receive. i like it when someone takes the time to assemble such a thing. incidentally my sister is very very good at this. and since she is of the same mind on this matter we usually exchange a similar assemblage of gifties at christmas. 
my shelves are nearly finished. there have been setbacks but things are progressing rather rapidly now. the wall of my bedroom was once an exterior wall but for some reason the wooden studs within it are not set at very even intervals. makes hanging shelves a pain in the rump. 
i found some glass domes on ebay. four of them in a set. i now have housings for the silhouettes and figurines sister gifted me at christmas. yay!
wellidy. i will leave you with a luverly couple of songs.
02 Bonnie Boy
Shirley Collins
01 Whistle Daughter Whistle
Ewan MacColl & Isla Cameron
*strictly speaking this is not true. when i was quite small i hated easter. my hatred was in direct relation to the unsought attentions of a giant man in a rabbit suit. much to my mother's embarrassment i lobbed an egg at the easter bunny. i told my mother i didn't want anything to do with that damned rabbit! but she wouldn't listen. so. i had to take action.