between showers of rain the…

by dishpantheism

between showers of rain the red-winged blackbirds have been singing in the bare trees and out over the pastures. spring-ish. i visited sister today very briefly. we discussed seeds. i picked jonquils in her yard and asked for offsets of a particular narcissus. creamy white perianth with a lemon-colored corona. i picked some with yellow perianths and golden yellow-orange coronas too. put them in the little vase i bought on etsy a while back. the vase i arranged on my bedside table and the odor of jonquils has already filled my room. so good. below is the vase sans jonquils.

it's gathering for a right good storm tonight. this afternoon the wind lifted the shingles on the south-facing slope of the roof. they were left standing straight up. it was comical. but only briefly. made haste to right them because leaks are not the least bit amusing. 
i'm making chicken and mushroom soup. i didn't really feel like cooking so this works out nicely. put it on to simmer and now i can put books on the new shelves. whoooot! the shelving project isn't finished but there are two very long shelves in place. going to fill those.
and so.
oh. and here's a song too. or should i say a sogg.
01 Sogg