by dishpantheism

this afternoon i went to take the air and what should i see but a pair of courting kites! i was so excited! they've nested behind my house in the past but last year they were absent. i'm so pleased they've returned. one of them hovered above the pasture before dropping down on its prey. white-tailed kites are one of my favorite birds (apart from owls of course). they're beautiful. and they whistle! it's odd. they don't screech quite the way other birds of prey do. they whistle softly to each other. and just look at them! sigh.

i watched the cattle grazing under the shadow of the asistencia. they pushed through last year's halm and stubble grazing at the new sprouted grass underneath. heads down. their square rumps poking up above the dead stalks gave the appearance of headless forequarters. the cattle moved forward. the headless forequarters moved backward. rather surreal.
in the wake of rainstorms weed seed is sprouting like mad. succory. salsify. hemlock and harding grass. a patch of soap aloe has spread along the garden wall behind the artichokes and under the gum tree. i like that sort of garden. self-tending. i like being surprised in that way i suppose.
i'm currently obsessed with three colors. robin's egg. thundercloud grey. pale golden duckling yellow. 
wellidy. i have a belly ache. i shall go.