yesterday we went down to…

by dishpantheism

yesterday we went down to the embarcadero and ate the fishes and whatnot. tasty. earlier in the morning i'd ventured into some commercial greenhouses with sister. i found a bromeliad i've been searching for for about eight years. they used to be a rather ubiquitous houseplant but for some reason they are now hard to come by. about a third of one of the greenhouses was full of said bromeliad. i only bought one. it was $2.00. it is amazingly pretty. i took some photos but they don't really do it justice. 

my sister's favorite bear is the spectacled bear (it's also stephen fry's favorite!). they eat bromeliads. imagine a field of queen's tears being eaten by spectacled bears. the image would make the perfect trapper keeper. don't you agree? 
i am erecting a new series of bookshelves. the only space available is on the wall above my bed. i hope there isn't a significant earthquake or i might die in a shower of hardcovers. there are worse ways to go i suppose. 
my father popped by this afternoon. i gave him one of his christmas gifts. i'd ordered him a rare-ish cultivar of mandarin orange. it's supposedly quite cold hardy. father was extremely pleased to get it. he's very easy to shop for because he begins dropping hints about gifts several months in advance of christmas. it's cute.
tonight's forecast is rain. i'm going to lie on my belly and pull the duvet up over my ears and read read read. 
there's a single flower of cream-colored stock on my bedside table. its odor is potent and lovely. cloves and sugar. so good.
wellidy. g'night.