i adore my sister. have…

by dishpantheism

i adore my sister. have i mentioned that before? 

tonight we were walking and had an amusing exchange. 
me: …so if you want one of those fossilized whale bones just let me know.
sister: hmm. i dunno. how big are they? they're pretty small right?
me: oh yeah. very. tiny in fact. 
sister: (after a pause) oh just shut up. they could have been small! whales might have been smaller back in the… pleistocene.
me: oh to be sure. i was serious. they're tiny bones. from the pleistocene pocket whale.
sister: oh you mean an old man's dick?
me: you should write crosswords.
we're nerds.
i have to get up with the sun so i'm going to go to sleep now.