today was delightful. sister and…

by dishpantheism

today was delightful. sister and v— came and nabbed me. we went for a hike. trespassed. the buttercups are up but not blooming yet. the johnny-jump-up are poking through the duff. soon the pastures will be yellow with flowers. unfortunately the creeks are bone dry still. not good. i felt a little bad to be enjoying the unseasonably warm weather with such enthusiasm. the sun was shining brightly but the wind was cool. a beautiful day.

before sister and v— arrived i was out checking on my garden. the forget-me-nots have sprouted like mad! i'm well pleased. the mignonette hasn't done much of anything. i'm sad about that as they prefer cool weather and the way this year is proceeding the weather may warm too quickly to allow bloom. fingers crossed for cooler weather. and rain! whilst i was looking at my plants i set my morning coffee down. i heard the sound of a cat drinking and turned. the grey cat was drinking my coffee. my black coffee. she would lap it a bit and then draw back in disgust before trying it again. she did this a number of times. i thought perhaps she was desperate for water. i checked the water crock where the cats drink and it was full. i'm not sure what about my coffee appealed to her so. when i poured my befouled coffee out onto the ground she leapt down and tried to drink it from the grass. strange.
i'm looking at fabric on the interwebs for some new projects. yay! i have a couple of lovely halter dresses in the works.  silk jersey is my desire. oh yes.
wellidy. g'night.
oh. here's a song.
Deep Inside
Cat Power