i sowed mignonette and forget-me-nots…

by dishpantheism

i sowed mignonette and forget-me-nots the other day. i'm antsy for spring but i'm not sure why. i love winter. i love being bundled up in scarves and sweaters. i love burrowing into my duvet. love walking in the very cold night air. i think spring longings were induced when the box of chowards violet gum appeared in the post and then again when i smelled the little vial of keiko mecheri's genie des bois* that i'd hidden in my bedside table. and then AGAIN when i came across the claudine novel. oh and then again when i saw the madeleines on display at the coffee shop. those say spring to me. they make me want to stay up late with a cup of heavily creamed jasmine tea and read proust or tess with my legs under the duvet. anyway. i have strong springtime associations with the scent of violets. my mother had planted some under my tree swing when i was small. white and sweet violets both. very pretty. 

i had a long and amusing chat with a friend i haven't spoken to in years. it made me feel really good. i love the interwebs for so many reasons but i think this is chief among them. it's so amazing to be able to have real-time conversation with someone hundreds of miles away. and apart from getting in contact with long lost friends i've met so many truly wonderful strangers-cum-friends thanks to this luverly technology. gush gush gush. sort of mitigates the disadvantages of being so geographically remote. 
the wind has picked up. the sky is clouding over. i wonder if we're in for some more rain. i hope that is the case. we're only at 18% of a normal year according to my father (who keeps records of all sorts of things such as this…he's a right little phenologist). i do love rain. laying in bed on my belly reading while the wind whips around the corner of the house. makes me feel as though i'm on board a ship. or in a capsule at the bottom of the sea. dunno why.
wellidy. i go.
* i usually prefer my violet straight-up like violetta di parma. but keiko mecheri's creations are always so unusual and alluring. genie des bois took some getting used to because the violet isn't so noticeable at first. but after it's been on my skin for a few minutes it is deliciously violet-y.