etsy update…

by dishpantheism

i've added the forcing kits to my etsy. i wish that they allowed for one more photo. as it is i couldn't post a picture of what blooming bluebells look like without removing one of the photos of the actual kit. it sort of sucks. i'll just post some bluebell photos below (hmph!) but first here are some photos of the kits.

i didn't include any pictures of the bluebell bulbs because they look like tiny anemic lumpy potatoes. nothing much to look at until they bloom. the photos above are of scilla siberica bulbs (the purple-y ones) and giant crocus bulbs. don't fear the giant crocuses. they're tiny. they're only giant relative to other crocuses. which isn't saying much. but ssshhhh.
below are photos of what these wee bulbs will look like in flower.
scilla and bluebell have a wonderful fragrance. crocus do not (or at least i have never known them too). 
yay! now i must sleep.